Christmas Flavors at Krispy Kreme!

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This Christmas, we’re sharing the joy and bringing consumers irresistible treats. Rudolph returns, along with new feature rings Winterberry & Merry Sparkle. This festive trio will also be accompanied by Thorntons doughnut- our new unique partnership that will show consumers we’re worth it. We’re also looking to keep delighting our customers and ensure they come back for more, so we’ll be motivating them to return with some special bounceback offers in the form of a Little Book of Joy.

*Returning* Rudolph

Our signature ring doughnut dipped in caramel flavour icing and hand-decorated with chocolate coated pretzels.

*New* Merry Sparkle

Our signature ring doughnut dipped in ruby red icing and hand decorated with sugar crystals.

*New* Thorntons

The taste of Thorntons in every bite, filled with smooth toffee sauce and hand decorated with Thorntons toffee pieces and vanilla fudge cubes.

*New* Winter Berry

Our signature ring doughnut dipped in white icing, and hand decorated with holly & berries.