Joos have a network of power bank stations, where you can rent a power bank to use as you go about your busy day. You don’t have to sit and wait by a plug to get your phone back up to a usable level; our chargers are available to pick up and take so you can charge on the move.

To use Joos, go on the app to find your nearest charging station. Once you find it, scan the QR code, grab a power bank, you can charge as you go about the rest of your day. Users pay for the length of time they use the power bank, much like hiring a bicycle, then when they are done, they can drop it back to their nearest station. It can be the same charging station as before, or any other nearby that the user can see on the app.

Prices: £2 an hour or £3 for 24 hours, for up to 10 days.

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