Are you coming to Hammersmith this summer?

Article Date: August 19, 2022

There’s a lot happening at Hammersmith Broadway this summer and we’re excited to share all the awesome things!

Sounds In the Square

Every Friday, you can join us at Bradmore Square for Sounds in the Square. Hear live music from 6pm onwards, and enjoy amazing food & drinks in the sun. The headline performance on Friday the 19th of August will be Chrissy Day, an up-and-coming gifted singer. She’s currently making a splash in the London music scene and this will be a great opportunity to come down and watch her perform.

Chess tournament

Hammersmith Broadway is also delighted to announce our giant chess piece tournament on the 27th of August. In partnership with Hammersmith Chess Club, we will be hosting chess games open to the public and this friendly competition will offer London a chance to demonstrate its chess skills. The Hammersmith Chess Club, founded in 1962, is a friendly and sociable club with over 100 active players. It is one of the largest chess clubs in London and loves spreading the word about chess, inviting all to learn and play, no matter skill level, culture and nationality.

With that in mind, to help you prepare for the tournament on the 27th, we’re going to share our favourite chess move. Hopefully when you join us on the 27th you get the opportunity to try it out.

The Sicilian Defence
The Sicilian Defence is a great defensive move because it creates an imbalance for both sides. Rather than allowing white to have the initial positional advantage, this defensive move gives you a better positional grounding. Neither player has an advantage, but does allow you to strategically be in a better position.

Busking station

The busking station in the centre is continuing to grow! We’ve seen your piano performances, as well as all the support you’ve given to those performing. We love seeing the Hammersmith community come together, including the pianist influencer Melissa, who gave an amazing duet performance with Londonkeyboardist.

So, bring your best game for the chess tournament or come join in the piano fun at the busking station this summer! There will be activities indoors and outdoors, for the whole family. We can’t wait to see you there.