Save on this year’s World Book Day

Article Date: February 28, 2023

World book day is fast approaching, the event falls on the first Thursday of March each year and if your little one has just sprung the event on you, don’t panic.

It’s not uncommon to spend the day before the World Book Dat scrabbling to find a costume and at this point, the key to success is going with items you already have for a World Book Day outfit to relieve the panic and better for your pocket.

So we’ve created a small guide to assembling DIY costumes of your kid’s favourite books.

Harry Potter

Remaining one of the most popular children’s books, you’ll see a few Harrys wandering around the school dates this World Book Day.

If you want to save money on a Harry costume, start with a pair of school trousers and a shirt, and add some burgundy and yellow accessories to add that Gryffindor touch.

The glasses are a key element of Harry’s signature look; some parents choose to draw them on with face paint or make their own frames from tin foil or black paper. To complete the look, draw on his scar and repurpose a chopstick or twig.

You can easily substitute a black cardigan or jacket for the robe. This applies to any character from the Harry Potter world, so pick your favourite character and see what you can find around the house to recreate their costume.

Captain Underpants

The beloved story by a well-known author features a mischievous character that can inspire a humorous costume.
To create the costume, dress the child in clothing that matches their skin tone, as the character’s outfit may not be suitable for school or winter weather. To complete the look, add a pair of white y-fronts over their clothes and tie a red blanket or sheet around their neck to serve as a cape.
For a more elaborate version of the costume, you can also include a bald cap, but it is not necessary for the costume to be recognizable.

Mary Poppins

You can create an impressive Mary Poppins costume using simple items such as an old hat, an umbrella, and a large bag.
To elevate the costume, you can add a bow tie, a long skirt, and some flowers.