Welcome to Green Mosaic

Article Date: May 14, 2023

Life happens, and pizza helps! Experience the irresistible flavours of Southern Europe at Green Mosaic, your new go-to pizzeria in Hammersmith. Indulge in their healthy, authentic pizzas made with sustainably sourced ingredients. From salads to sides and a delectable breakfast selection, their menu has something for everyone. Join us and savour the taste of Southern Europe in the heart of Hammersmith, find us in Bradmore Square.

Who are they?

Green Mosaic are passionate about offering a taste of Southern European cuisine right in the heart of London, UK. Their speciality lies in serving healthy pizzas, rich in authentic flavours and prepared with sustainable, eco-friendly ingredients. They are not just about pizzas; their all-day dining menu also features a range of popular salads, sides, and a delectable breakfast selection.

Paired with their offerings is a collection of rich coffee, perfect for jump-starting your day or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Their commitment is rooted in serving not just delicious, but also healthy and environmentally friendly meals.

The menu features a range of signature pizzas stone-baked pizzas as well as salads, and sides including; chicken wings, garlic bread, wedges and so much more.