Seven easy recipes to cook with your kids this half-term

Article Date: March 23, 2024

Join Tesco in the kitchen this half-term and indulge in these delightful cooking recipes designed for kids. Whether they’re aspiring chefs or just beginning their culinary journey, there’s a plethora of engaging activities for your little ones to participate in, such as pouring, kneading, measuring, mixing, and so much more! Dive into our half-term lunch ideas, baking recipes, and delectable sweet treats together.


Ready, steady, bake!

Combining, kneading, and moulding dough are timeless baking techniques that kids can enjoy mastering in the kitchen. Their tear-and-share flower bread recipe provides an ideal introduction for novice bakers – they’ll delight in getting their hands sticky while making the dough, then unleash their creativity as they shape the flower loaf before it goes into the oven.







Pancakes with a twist

Traditionally known for their sweetness, these savoury sweetcorn pancakes offer a delightful twist for lunch or supper, sure to spark excitement in kids. Featuring an array of vibrant ingredients, you can involve the little ones in blending the batter and spooning dollops onto the pan.






Tasty half-term treats

When hunger strikes in the afternoon, these pizza pinwheels come to the rescue as the ideal snack to satisfy those cravings. Plus, they’ll keep the kids entertained for about 30 minutes as they prepare a straightforward pastry and roll it up with delicious pizza toppings.







Dinner for the whole family

During busy days packed with enjoyable activities, having a swift and uncomplicated dinner that delights the entire family is essential. These paprika beef taco cups fit the bill perfectly, ideal for communal enjoyment as everyone can customize their creation at the table. Children will relish shaping the tortilla muffin cups, and older kids can lend a hand by grating and chopping ingredients for the toppings.







The icing on the cake

Indulge in a unique sweet delight with this gorgeous raspberry heart loaf cake. It’s a fantastic baking endeavour to occupy a morning or a rainy afternoon. Once you’ve perfected the fundamental recipe, you and the kids can explore your creativity by experimenting with various shapes and colours to craft your delightful pattern inside. For additional inspiration, check out our collection of easy recipes tailored for kids.