Ways to save money this winter – Tesco Edition

Households across the country have come under pressure from what is being described as the sharpest rise in not just food prices but, the soar of energy prices as well. Affording our usual weekly shopping has become harder and many households are searching for ways to reduce their outgoings as well as finding cheaper alternatives or having to sacrifice on some products.

Our shopping habits are changing with aim of saving some money, although it’s now more important than ever to do your homework before going to the supermarket in order to save some money over time – it all adds up.

Tesco is famous for their tagline ‘every little helps’ and winter, it really does ring true. Tesco is doing a lot to help shoppers spend less and have offers, schemes and many others methods to help us spend less with everyday values.

We’ve created a helpful guide to help you save money at Tesco:

Get a Tesco Clubcard

Start saving right away on your weekly shop at Tesco and sign up for a free Tesco Clubcard either in-store or online.

Tesco’s Clubcard offers you exclusive discounts in each Tesco store, available just for Clubcard holders, but you earn loyalty points every time you shop. These points add up and can be used to discount your next shop.

Tesco magazine for coupons

In most Tesco stores, you can pick up a free Tesco magazine at the entrance and inside you can find a selection of printed coupons to use when you shop.

You’ll also find product promotions and discounts which all tend to be around the same time the magazine is published. You won’t have to worry about the coupons being expired or no longer being valid.

Sign up for the Clubcard Christmas Savers

Another scheme helping you ease the cost of your Christmas shopping, is Tesco’s Clubcard Christmas Savers Scheme. The scheme allows you to earn Christmas bonus vouchers when you shop throughout the year, and use them during the festive season. Although it may be too late now, it’s something to keep in mind.

How does it work?

Tesco will look after the vouchers you collect when you shop and send them all in November just in time for the Christmas shop. In addition to this, when you top up your account with cash they will add a bonus to your account.

Top up £25 to receive a £1.50 bonus voucher
£50 to receive a £3 bonus voucher
£100 to receive a £6 bonus voucher
£200 to receive a £12 bonus voucher

Scan as you shop

Tesco also offers Clubcard members the opportunity to scan as you shop, helping you save time and money.

This method works well as it helps you stick to your budget and pack your shopping as you go around the store. No last minute price surprises and from the get-go you can see your basket total and not have the temptation of keeping something when you reach the till.

Tesco’s essentials range

Tesco also has an essentials range where you can save money by opting for Tesco essential items like bread, canned goods, toiletries and so much more.

These products are discounted to a fraction of the price in comparison to the branded competitors. Even though they’re discounted, you don’t compromise on quality or ingredients. You save more on your weekly shop and still enjoy the same delicious taste.